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Training and professional development are available in the following segments and modular formats. Please contact Patricia Hillman WestEd Certified trainer at 512 524-1664 for more information.

WestEd Modules

Module 1:             Social-Emotional Growth and Socialization

Module II:             Group Care

Module III:             Learning and Development

Module IV:            Culture, Family and Providers

Training Modules

Module I: Social-Emotional Growth and Socialization

This module is based on the belief that all children need physically and emotionally secure care that supports their developing self-knowledge, self-control and self-esteem and at the same time encourages respect for the feelings and rights of others. Healthy social-emotional development in infancy underlies all other learning and is, to a great extent, dependent upon the child's close relationship with respectful, caring adults. Caregivers can support an infant's growing sense of self by providing security, warm acceptance and appreciation for the child's growing independence. A caregiver's ability to promote social-emotional development in children is influenced by the caregiver's own feelings and experiences and so training also focuses on self-awareness. Training topics include infant temperament, stages of emotional development, responsive caregiving, and guidance and discipline.

Module II: Group Care

Module II deals with the implementation of the Program for Infant/Toddler Caregivers' philosophy through program policies which support close relationships between children, families, and child care providers. These policies are: the creation of small groups, primary caregiver assignments, and continuity of care that keeps children and caregivers together over time. In addition, this module deals with the basics of daily care and the development and maintenance of an environment that supports the child's health and safety, as well as social-emotional development and learning. Training topics in this module include creating intimacy in infant/toddler groups, caregiving routines, creating safe and interesting environments, and respectful caregiving.

Module III: Learning and Development

This module emphasizes the approach to infant learning taken by the Program for Infant/Toddler Caregivers, an approach that focuses on facilitating natural interests and urges to learn rather than teaching specific lessons. This facilitation is done by providing children with close and responsive relationships with caregivers, designing safe, interesting and developmentally appropriate environments, giving infants uninterrupted time to explore, and interacting with infants in ways that emotionally and intellectually support their discovery and learning. Such practices are consistent with the attitude of respect toward infants and toddlers that is the hallmark of the Program for Infant/Toddler Caregivers. Training topics include cognitive development, the development of language and communication skills, the relationship between language, learning, and culture, and including children with special needs in infant/toddler care groups.

Module IV: Culture, Family, and Providers

The family is the single most important influence in a young child's life and child care providers need to include the family in important decisions about the child's care. Creating a strong partnership between child care and families strengthens infants' feelings that who they are and where they come from are valued. Communicating in an infant's home language is also important. Module IV's recommendations include becoming aware of one's own cultural perspective, and negotiating respectfully with families when there are differences. The module offers support to caregivers in easing parents' concerns about using infant care, as well as exploring, accepting, and dealing with their own feelings. Topics include culture and identity formation, dealing with cultural differences, program policies for culturally sensitive care, and creating partnerships with parents.

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